Hennessy Feeds Provides a full range of services for the farmer to aid them in maximising farming efficiency and cost effectiveness on the farm.

Here in Hennessy Feeds we combine the most up to date Nutritional expertise along with technology to get the most out of your animal.

Be it weight gain or Milk output we will formulate the ideal diet for your animal based on



Forage available

Desired weight gain /Milk Output

We can calculate the exact cost per kg weight gain

If you want to check the exact analysis of the feed you are using we can analyse any aspect of its make up.

With the increasing fertilizer costs it is becoming more and more important to test your soil.

A soil test will determine your exact requirements for nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium & lime.

This will ensure that you are not putting out unnecessary amounts of fertilizer.

It is important to know the exact quality of your silage.

A good quality silage should have at least 74% DMD. If the silage is below this the animal will require extra concentrate to make up for the shortfall in the diet.


Because all barley, wheat and oats we take in at harvest is used in our finished product we pay special attention to the protection of your crop.

Using the most up to date lists of seed varieties and chemical technology we can work with the farmer to maximise yield and protect against disease.

We supply a full range Agrochemicals.

Hennessy Feeds works under and filly complies with the Irish Agricultural Supply Industry Standards (IASIS)

Hennessy Feeds is a fully liscenced animal feed manufacturer. Approval No aIEKK000277